GoWeb Special Interest Groups (SIGs) dive deeply into specific topics related to web design, development, communication and best practices. SIGs act as campus experts on their chosen topic and work to increase the quality and consistency of web communications
across campus. If you would like to join a SIG or have a question about their area of emphasis, please email the appropriate chair listed below.


The Accessibility SIG is focused on incorporating accessibility into our everyday lives, ensuring the valuable information acquired through teaching, learning and discovery is made available to the widest possible audience. This involves a general understanding of policy and compliance issues as well as standards and best practices. Our ultimate goal is to have all campus websites accessible.

Chair: Cynthia Kauder, Division of Information Technology
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The Analytics SIG will work on a strategic solution and knowledge base for implementing web analytics at Texas A&M University. Our goal is to provide every college with access to web analytics that is housed under one platform for data analysis.

Chair: Erick Beck, Texas A&M Marketing & Communications

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Mobile Innovations

The Mobile SIG will continue the work of the GoMobile initiative at Texas A&M. We focus on implementing the campus mobile strategy, researching mobile tech to ensure our recommendations stay up-to-date, and providing educational resources, tools and training on responsive web design.

Chair: Dion C. McInnis,Division of Information Technology
Co-Chair: Xavier Porter,Division of Information Technology

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Web Branding

The goal of the Web Branding SIG is to develop a comprehensive online resource for web designers and developers on campus. The group will meet regularly during the spring semester, working with the Division of Marketing & Communications to update and expand the University’s web brand standards.

Chair: Laura Root, Texas A&M Marketing and Communications

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Web Security

Our Web Security SIG will work to provide educational opportunities, tools, resources, and best practice documentation related to web security.

Chair: Jeremy Tarpley, Texas A&M Health Science Center

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The WordPress SIG is focused on improving the reach and effectiveness of websites built in the WordPress CMS. By sharing code best practices, security enhancements, plugins and theme bases, we will enhance the audience and user experience of those using the WordPress.

Co-chair: Joe Prather, Texas A&M Marketing & Communications
Co-chair: Travis Ward, Texas A&M Agrilife

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