One of our goals is to build a culture of collaboration. We can all work towards this by sharing code and related resources that may benefit other web developers at A&M.

GitHub is an excellent resource for sharing code with others at A&M. Git is an open source, distributed version control system designed for speed and efficiency. Texas A&M hosts a local mirror as
a no-charge service for university students and employees. This site is hosted on premise, so content stays on campus. Users can log in with their NetID and password. Shared repositories and organizations at

Other Ways to Share

Come to our monthly events! At our events, you can join in on a round table discussion, or even host a web talk about something you’ve learned! You don’t have to be the world’s leading expert on a topic to share
with the community. We’re all learning and no one is a master of every aspect of all things web. So if you’ve learned a new technology or found a process that could benefit others, share it!