The Accessibility SIG is focused on incorporating accessibility into our everyday lives, ensuring the valuable information acquired through teaching, learning and discovery is made available to the widest possible audience. This involves a general understanding of policy and compliance issues as well as standards and best practices. Our ultimate goal is to have all campus websites accessible.

Meeting Dates

Lunch and Learn with us! Virtual meet-ups are held at 11:45 am on the second Thursday of every other month. Sessions will consist of an update from the Division of IT accessibility team as well as helpful tips and presentations to aid with accessibility initiatives across campus. Scheduled meeting dates for the academic year follow.

  • October 8
  • December 10
  • February 11
  • April 8
  • June 10
  • August 12

Projects and Deliverables

  • Promote usage of the enterprise-wide web scanning tool for sites originating from Key Public Entry Points
  • Compile resources to promote web accessibility compliance
  • Share best practices through communication and collaboration

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Cynthia KauderDivision of Information Technology

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