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Tools discussed at the GoMobile retreat

Visit Tools discussed at the GoMobile retreat

  • Foundation 5 – Latest mobile-first, responsive front end framework from Zurb
  • / Jsfiddle? – Allow real-time testing of html/css/js snippets
  • Regexr – Real time testing of regular expressions and great regex documentation
  • Browserstack – Test web sites on live virtual machines with just about every web browser.? Many mobile devices and OSs available as well.
  • Siteimprove – Web governance, scans for broken links, spelling and grammar problems, unwanted content, accessibility problems and more.
  • Ghostlab – Synchronized web development and testing
  • – Open source synchronized browser testing
  • Ghost Inspector – Automate front-end testing, checks the operation of specific functionality and page elements
  • Invision – Tool for collaboration on prototypes and mockups
  • Macaw – Responsive prototyping tool, outputs?HTML5 and css (also Froont, WebFlow, Adobe Muse, PineGrow)
  • Google Web Designer – Creates interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics, good for custom banners (Also Adobe Edge Animate)
  • Microsoft Edge Browser / Firefox Developer Edition