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Web Technologies & Development at 2018 Tech Summit

Visit Web Technologies & Development at 2018 Tech Summit

2018 Texas A&M University System Technology Summit
Moody Gardens Convention Center, Galveston, TX
February 26-28

The Texas A&M University System Technology Summit is the place technology experts come to learn from the best, exchange ideas on common challenges and spend time together. Professionals have the rare chance to blend technical learning across a wide range of subjects. TechSummit offers sessions to help you master your daily work, while enjoying a taste of island time. This year’s web track is full of valuable sessions:

  • New App, Who Dis? : A Journey Into Modo’s Mobile App for Education
    A presentation on what went into Tarleton’s decision to leave their old (Ellucian) mobile app and go to a new app powered by ModoLabs. Presentation includes what Modo is, pros and cons of the two apps, and lessons learned throughout the process of getting people to abandon the old app and embrace the new one.
  • Code K-9
    Automation has become an integral part of any successful team in software industry. A team which can master the concept of doing more with less, can achieve rapid product development with consistent higher standards. PHP Code Sniffer, which analyzes your code directory against a set of rules/coding standards, will be discussed.
  • Infrastructure as a Service at UNT: A Case Study of a Successful Private Cloud
    The University of North Texas System provides IT services to three universities in the Dallas area. By embracing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), we have successfully provided self-service cloud services to our customers with greater reliability compared to traditional IT systems, and significant cost savings compared to public cloud offerings. We have proved that the journey to the cloud starts in your data center on premise.
  • Getting the Most Out of HTML Emails
    Email continues to be the most reliable form of communication to campus members, but mastering this tool can be very intimidating. Using campus tools like Bulk Mail, Maestro, and Listserv allows you to do and learn more to reach your audience. Join this session to explore the possibilities (and constraints) of HTML emails, how to use analytics to determine the success of your message, and address accessibility in your inbox.
  • Creating a Custom WordPress Plugin 101
    WordPress has many functions that come “out of the box” and you can find plugins that perform a lot of functions. What do you do when you can’t find a plugin to meet a need or you need to change some functionality of a plugin? We will discuss the basic principles of plugin design and development. We will take a look at a custom plugin that modifies an existing plugin. Lastly, we will look at a custom plugin that has an admin form, custom database table, and presents content to users. Come hear how you can use custom plugins to tailor WordPress to your needs.
  • Find: “Motivation” – Describing and Finding The Right Image
    “A picture is worth a thousand words” is an understatement. In this talk, we will unlock the data in an image. With a functional examination of strategies, techniques, and technologies we will define and leverage what images hide in plain sight. 
  • Enhancing Web Accessibility and User Experience with ARIA and HTML5
    HTML5 offers some great ways to make our sites more accessible, but there is one catch: not all browsers support these new techniques. Enter ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications), which can extend the capabilities of HTML by adding attributes and allowing interaction of dynamic changes to content that are well supported by most browsers and assistive technology. In this session, you’ll explore the differences between HTML5 and ARIA and learn how ARIA – when properly implemented – can complement your HTML5 markup to enhance the accessibility of your website.
  • Next-Generation Campus Portal Implementation
    TAMUCT has recently implemented a next gen campus portal environment that allows students, faculty and staff to quickly locate and access services—from any computer or mobile device. This session will outline why a new portal was needed, the implementation process and the lessons learned during the first semester of use.

Pre-conference workshops specific to web development:

  • Workflow Essentials for Web Development
    This workshop will expand your knowledge of the web development process by providing you with a few essential tools and tricks needed to help you create more user-friendly and accessible websites.

GoWeb After Dark

Howard Technology Solutions treats you to hors d’oeuvres and a complimentary first drink. Join the Texas A&M GoWeb group and end your day in a casual setting. Network with web professionals and discuss everything web, from the latest trends on analytics, accessibility and branding to recent successes and challenges.

Please check out the complete schedule and we hope to see you in Galveston!

Donald St. Martin & Morgan Hammond
Track Chairs, Web Technologies & Development