Our Mission

The GoWeb Team is an inclusive, collaborative community of professionals dedicated to supporting one another and elevating web communication across campus.


Our Goals

  1. Demonstrate how web communication supports the strategic initiatives of the university.

    Every university website contributes to an impression of Texas A&M, not only for prospective students and families, but also for researchers, donors, legislators and other key decision makers. It is essential that all university websites convey scholarship, professionalism, credibility, and community.

  1. Build a culture of collaboration.

    The GoWeb Team will create a platform for collaboration among all campus web professionals. This platform will leverage the expertise and resources of individuals for the benefit of the entire campus web community.

  1. Strive for innovation.

    The goal of the GoWeb model is to create a culture of collaboration, healthy competition, and a dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.

  1. Recommend web communications standards and best practices.

    The GoWeb Team will capitalize on shared knowledge to raise all sites to a higher standard of quality and consistent brand messaging. Our resource center and knowledge base will contain recommended standards and best practices for development, design, accessibility, usability, and analytics.

  1. Focus on data-driven decision making.

    The GoWeb Team places a premium on collecting and using site analytics and user behavior data. User feedback and analytics enable better decision making, increase the effectiveness of web communication, and serve as a benchmark for measuring improvement.

  1. Establish web communication as an important university resource.

    Case studies provided by GoWeb charter members will demonstrate the value behind well developed web communications and applications.

  2. Create a framework to get employees quickly “plugged in” and up to speed.

    In order to support new employees, the GoWeb Team will provide an introductory toolkit in the knowledge base, as well as peer mentoring groups of same-title colleagues to assist with common onboarding questions.